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Interviews with Mrs.Nattaya(Dangbunga) BenjasiriwanKasitPiromya, formerThe member of Thai Parliament, from The Democrat Party.



1. Brief Autography

Born in November 2, 1961 Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated from Bangkok University in Bachelor of Arts, Majoring inMass Communications. In 2007 and 2011, was The Member of Thai Parliament. 2008, jointed the Commission of children youth women the elderly and the disabled. In 2007, Act as a Vice Chairman of Bangkok Policies for the East Zone and also, responsible as the advisor and the secretary of parliament. Over 30 years up to present, serves and help people in society such as a special lecturer to schools and universities. And always help the Family Network Foundation and any Corporate Foundations along with helping out other local communities.


2. Philosophy and Motto in Life

“Everything what you do with moral honesty, discipline must exist in the name of Allah and making Dua (bless Allah)”

We should always remind it in order to improve ourselves because we are not complete. I always consider it is important to be honest not only to myself but also to the others. Working with full of my heart and altruistically is my fundamental thinking. Then I can help the others and I can get help from the others. Because helping the others with my own rights and title is not related to helping with my heart and good intentions. It gives us full of happiness and warmness as a same human being. I, myself, when I was working in the parliament, haven’t told any lies to the others. Telling lies to the people is a shameful act. Whatever I have something to do, I always tell to the people directly I can do it or not and I tried to cope with any problem with them. I always should consider everything with full of my heart in order to be voted by the people because I may or may not see the people each again and I will solve every problem for them as a professional. However, I also have to hope mercy of the goodwill from god for every problems. I, myself, hope and blessing for happiness of the others and hope every job progress smoothly.


3. What is the worst thing in your life, and how did you conquer it?

I was always wondering my life as an actress and my life as a politician. There was several problem of each but I had to go forward with full of happiness and sadness. Because there were always strong peer pressures from being both an actress and a politician.

However, each individual just say something directly so that I haven’t got any prejudices and blame. There is no reason to get angry at them and always tried to have an attempt in my heart. I always respect any person who has different opinion and moreover, I tried to get close to the person who doesn’t like me and tried to understand them with apologies and The Wai [Put one’s hands together] which is a unique Thai culture. And any situation with any problem before it happens, and apologize with full of my heart de-escalates any problem and I could solve any problem with my best.

I believe that believing in good will and never forget appreciate for my parents make me to solve all problem and bring me to better way. Furthermore, when I’m in grief, thinking about people who are more desperate or disadvantaged in society creates courage for me to fight with the up coming problems.



4. How do you see Thai society in terms of social and economic issues?

I wish there was an economy reform for all Thai citizens. It is the people’s fundamental problem and if it is left unsolved, it will be a bigger social problem than before. Nowadays, people are getting to struggle and become more selfish. However, there is our precious respective king in our country. We should believe our king in order to get out from this economic crisis and productive not only myself but also the others. Recent Thai society is changing drastically and we lost our marvelous culture such as hospitality, helping each other, and tolerance. In order to welcome AEC, we should prepare for it by educational reforming from the part of culture side, and religious side. At last, there is necessarily to understand and respect religious difference. For peacefully living every people in this world together.



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