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Interviews with Mr. Kasit Piromya, former Thai Ambassador to Japan and USA

1. Brief Autography
Kasit Piromya (Executive Senior Adviser)
Born in 1944, Bangkok, Thailand. Graduated from School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, U.S.A and from the Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, the Netherlands. Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1968 and served in various departments. During 1991-2005, was appointed as the Ambassador to Russia, Indonesia, Germany, Japan and U.S.A. In 2006, after retiring from the foreign service, supported Kasikorn Bank as a CEO Advisor. At present, serve as an adviser to National Counter Corruption Committee, Thailand representative of the Caux Round Table and titled as our Executive Senior Adviser. 
2. Philosophy and Motto in Life
“Keep moving forward, never stick to the past, think and perform positively, and do everything with love”
Since my parents are both government officers, and I was educated aboard, on my return, I therefore wished to work for the country. I then applied for a government official position. My working style that I took after my father was to be honest, and to work at best. I don’t like bribing. So whatever I need, I search for it by my own hands. I think I am very lucky to have got a chance in important jobs so as to gain good experience all my life.
Balancing time between work and family is very vital for me. I tried to work with my family so I could teach them not to take advantage of other people. I told them there are always chances to learn, so learn as much as you could. And it is good to help people who reach for help. And do their best for whatever they are doing.
 3. What is the worst thing in your life, and how did you conquer it? 
Like other governmental officials, one day at the most accomplishments, we all have to encounter attitude and pressure from colleagues. These attitudes and pressure mean no use to the nation. Sometimes it pushed and pressured me very badly, arousing me to give up. What I always have in mind is that I have to be strong, not to fall for such words and scandals. In addition, I should not be weak upon deception. Justice and fairness must be approachable for everyone. I think maybe I am lucky that I have no flaw, both personally and officially. I keep in mind ethics and aesthetics. My performance hence is like a protection. Moreover, as I have been liberal in politics, drawbacks from my performance and behaviors are rare to be noticeable.
 4. How do you see Thai society in terms of social and economic issues?
 We have never had social revolution; no political war; no draught for the past 60 years. We have been so fortunate to be born in the country governed by H.M. the King Bhumiphol Aduljadej. The Dhamma he uses to keep our country safe and sound is call Thosspisrajadhamma or the 10 rules for the king to govern his country. He points us to prosperity, leading our society to become a community with dignity and pride. Though in the age of revolution people compete each other in every issue, Thai people must stay united and be strong to tackle forthcoming difficulties.
We need purity in almost every section of our society. The rules that we could all live with each other happily are still in need to protect us from harm and danger.
We still need the right social value. The proverb that says ‘cheating for achievement’ should no longer be acceptable, because it is not right.
Vision and quality of the leader is very important. The leader should be honest and willing to serve and develop the country. With dishonest, he can lead the country to a worse being.
“We much solve political issues first, and then social and economic issues will rise.” 
It is also said that political leadership means social devotion, which is a very important issue. People need good education to know what is right and what is wrong. The next thing is the governmental system. Government officials must be steadfast for the right beliefs. Low wages is not an excuse to cheat, as most people in the country earn low wages as well. The next important issue is that the private sections should not take advantage of the unrighteousness. The most important thing seems to be the cognitive revolution. By our Buddhist principles, we should take it as our perfect guidelines to raise our country to a better stand.
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