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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pinyo Suwannakiri “Our lives have been destined by God”

 1. Personal Profile
   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pinyo Suwannakiri was born in 1937 in Songkla Province. He has been taught Thai cultural arts since he was young. He graduated from Chulalongkorn University with Bachelor of Architecture, and Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. As he has been deeply in love with Thai culture and arts, he became a teacher of Thai arts and culture, calligraphy, and architecture.
   His architectural work in Thai architecture in numerous places, for instance, Kusinaram Mahaviharn Temple in India, Thai Temple in Lumpini, Nepal, and Pakpanang Palace in Nakon Srithammarat Province, are widely and internationally renowned. He therefore has been awarded from many institutions. Some of his awards are Khondee Srimaha Wachiravudhi Model Award, An Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, An Honorary Doctor of Architecture, A Prominent Architect Award, Best Model Award in Thai Arts and Architecture Preservation, Best Architect with great performance in creating Thai architecture, best project and activity, Best Architect with great performance in preservation, creation, and inheritance of Thai Architecture, National Artist for Visual Arts (Architecture), Great People of Thailand – social development (Thai architecture), Dussadeemala the Thai Honor of Merit Silpawittaya Batch Award, Nikkei Asia Prize for Arts and Culture, Asia Pacific Award for Arts and Culture from Japan, and so many others.
2.Philosophy in Living His Life and His Favorite Motto
   “Our lives have been destined by God” – when each of us was born, we could not choose where to be born. It is all up to things we did in the past life. And he does believe that it is fate and destiny that decides us where to go. God has planned for us to walk this way. Comparing to himself, he did not think he would be fond of arts. Fortunately, a friend of his father who was a Buddhist priest taught him Thai calligraphy since he was 7 or 8 years old. And it was for the arts that he became famous. He did not like to be a teacher, so he chose to study arts and architecture. But by all means he became an arts teacher. Up until now he still teaches teenagers and everyone whose interest is in Thai Arts and Culture.
3.  Problems and Obstacle, and how to tackle them
   Generally he is optimistic. When he encounters a problem, he thinks it is not an issue. When it is thought not to be a problem, the situation gets better.
When he was young, the issue he thought it was a big problem for him was poverty. Since his father went into monkhood for a long time, his mother raised the family alone. With 7 siblings to take care, he had to work while studying very hard. Fortunately, he had regular income from part-time jobs such as metal signboard molding, and brass molding, to raise his brothers and sisters. The major quality to overcome poverty is sedulity.
4. His opinion on Thai current politic, economic, and social issues
   He usually supports for Thai politic and economic issues. He only feels that he has no expertise in politics, could not be more useful to the country.
In term of social issues, he feels sorry for those who think that Thai youngsters pay more attention to social norm and value from other countries. He believes that there are still good Thai children. It is plainly obvious that the population is increasing. Bad children can be seen anywhere. His experience in teaching young Thai teenagers tells him that there are still plenty of children who are interested in Thai arts and culture, which is very pleasant. He is willing to pass on the knowledge and experience in Thai arts, culture and architecture to the next generation.
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