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Mr. Krai Tungsanga “to think of the benefit of the action: to where it brings, to whom it is harmful, how productive it could be”

Personal Profile

He was born in 1952. In 1974 he graduated a bachelor of engineering in civil engineering from Kasetsart University. Then he pursued his Master Degree in Civil Engineering at the Ohio State University, Ohio, USA. He was also awarded the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Administration from the University of Louisiana, and the Honorary Doctor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Kasetsart University. His expertise in engineering is renowned, especially in bridge construction. Some of his masterpieces are more than 400 bridge constructions across the United States, the Thai-Japanese Flyover on Rama 4 Rd. project in Bangkok, Bangkok Highway Project, including the BTS Skytrain. Currently he is entitled the managing director for the International Engineering Constants Co., Ltd. and the KKT Engineering Co., Ltd.

Philosophy and Motto in Living his Life

Generally he lives his life as simply as other down-to-earth residents. The philosophy that he always bears in mind is “to think of the benefit of the action: to where it brings, to whom it is harmful, how productive it could be”. In 2004 when Thailand was hit by Tsunami, he cooperated with the Rotary Association, USA to raise fund for Ban Nakem Sub-district, Phangnga Province, where assistance was initially needed. When his team got to the site, he found that too much assistance was paid to the site, and other places still called for help. Therefore, he headed to Koh Ko Kao Island, where assistance had been sought but failed to reach. All he saw was damaged and disastrous. The villagers were very grateful to gain assistance.

His philosophy in business is “to run business with justice, ethics, and moral”. Honesty to customers is one of the key qualities to business achievement. He also pays much attention to the quality of work, which is a summary of work discipline and functional responsibility. What he usually tells his fellow colleagues is that discipline and responsibility builds good work. Especially in a high risk to cause life and property loss like engineering, the quality of work and responsibility must correspond.


Everyone all has problems. And all problems shall have their solution. There could be some with no solutions, but we should try our best to solve it. Eventually we will achieve it.

Viewpoint to Thai politic and economic

Personally he sees that Thai economic has come to a sudden stop since the political revolution in 2006. The enterprise section could progress on, but the revolution government did not push as much effort into business promotion and education to public as they should. Compared to that in Taiwan or Singapore, where trade ministry was a good head in economic policy making, Thailand is so much behind.

In terms of power management, the government never had a serious policy to power saving management, or power substitution promotion. The result was that people waste energy without regret. The government should manage a railroad system nationwide, both for transport and transportation. The reason is that it is the most efficient method to public transport and the best power-saving method at the present time.

Politically, Thailand is considered a critical and unstable situation. If it was not getting better in the near future, he fears that people might solve it with violence. Thailand should elevate the political reliance by enabling good, devoted and reliable politicians to become members of parliament. That shall improve the country into a better status.

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