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Interviews with Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawong “Think and make profit for the whole rather than the self” and “Developing rural areas is my life”

1. Brief Autography
Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawong
   born in 1934 Khon Kaen Province. In 1973 he was awarded the Best Community Leader a Ramon Magsaysay Award in the Philippines. He has been a Member of Parliament for Khon Kaen Province 2 times and for Bangkok 2 times. In 1995 he was assigned the Minister of Foreign Affairs and he also became the Minister of the Prime Minister Secretariat Office in 2001. In 2004 he was awarded “The Grand Cordon of the Order of Rising Sun” Insignia from the Japanese Emperor. Currently he is the founder and taking the position of the director of Asia Disaster Awareness Raising Centre, the Director of Ruk Thai Foundation (CARE), and the consultant for Lai Brothers Corporation Co., Ltd.
2. Philosophy and Motto in Life
 “Think and make profit for the whole rather than the self” and “Developing rural areas is my life”
   Personally he wanted to be a teacher since he was a kid. He loved teaching very much. Before he became a physician, he used to work as a tutor at many tutorial schools. He still has a teaching profession license from the Council of Education. He thinks he might be teaching something for the rest of his life.
 3. What is the worst thing in your life, and how did you conquer it? 
   He is such an easy person that lives his life simple without wishing any hope would come true. Even the worst, he never blames anyone and takes the best for what he has done. The ‘Principles of Goodness’ is what he holds against badness and confusion. He then has never been hurt bruised, or wounded that he could not take it anymore. As he believes that under any circumstances we are from the very ground, he could adjust himself to the situation.
 4. How do you see Thai society in terms of social and economic issues?
   The politics and social of Thailand are in the course of development. Under this process, there are people who like and hate. It is the same as democracy. When we look at Japan or the United Kingdom, they all have fought to have democracy. Japan had lost so many men fighting wars to have righteous democracy in its country. He feels that it must be the same to Thailand.
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