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Mr. Wu Wen Ta Chairperson of the Badminton Association of Taiwan, Chairperson of the Tug-of-War Sport Association of Taiwan, and the Honorary president of the Canoe Association of Asia

Personal Profile
Mr. Wu Wen Ta was born on July 30th, 1929 in Taipei, Taiwan. He established an industrial steel company namely Sheng Guang Steel Co., Ltd. Later in 1970 the business expanded, he then renamed the company to Ta Sheng Trading Co., Ltd. He is now entitled the managing director of the biggest steel industry in Taiwan. Meanwhile, he sponsors for sports in Asia as well. He is entitled the chairperson of the Badminton Association of Taiwan, Chairperson of the Tug-of-War Sport Association of Taiwan, and the honorary president of the Canoe Association of Asia. In April 2008 he was awarded the Order of the Rising sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon Honorable Decoration from the Japanese Emperor.

Principle and philosophy in Life
We are all born to live a life to work. Those who achieve success in life are those who live a happy life with their family. On the contrary, there are a number of people who suffer from losing jobs or living with disability that they cannot live their normal lives. He always studies the principles and social norms and values. When struggling with difficulty, he consults it with friends. He hopes to contribute to the company and the country to the great usefulness. The principle in living his life is made up by himself, written in Chinese characters as follow.
The most difficult situation in life and how to handle it
In 1956 when he was 27 years old, the economic status of the country went to the lowest point. Many of the entrepreneurs, including him, wanted a promotion. He then ordered a large quantity of steel and sold to the dealers in Gau Chong. A month later these dealing companies went bankrupt and could not pay. His company had to bear a great deal of interest from loans. 2 years later the company collapsed from trust. Within a year after that he paid back the debt, the economic status of the country seemed to rise. The construction in Taiwan went so much better that he could gain a huge number of interests and buy a 4-storey mansion in Taiwan. His steel business grew very fast. He owned land property and built warehouses. 50 years later he became known as a famous businessman in steel industry. His wife is in charge for financial and human resource, while he takes care of the overseas customers and merchandises supplies for the factory. He has gained trusts from so many areas that he could enlarge the number of employees from 5 to 10, to 20 and 30. At the present he has 30 employees but the gross profit is far larger than many companies. Therefore he could contribute to the society in term of sport sponsorship. Every year he donates USD 100,000 – 2,000,000.
His view to Asian and World Politics and Economic
He is not an expertise in Asian economic, but he keeps watching the world move through NHK carefully. China and India crown the number 1 and 2 greatest population in the world, and are economically growing fast. Wages are low so their economic grow rapidly. In the next 5 years they will inevitably rise over USA and Europe. Militarily they are more efficient to develop the weapons and provide appropriate military training. In the near future USA might be taken aback by China and India.
Words to the new generations
The world today changes very often and quickly. Soon enough people will be able to travel to the moon. People in the next generation should pay more interest in learning science and economics. He wishes there be great scientists and economists who devote themselves to the society for a better country. People’s interests vary upon their surroundings. Young children should learn English and Chinese. Studying aboard is another way to develop and broaden one’s knowledge and skills. Other than learning science and necessary courses relevant to the development of the community, studying aboard broadens the students and provides visions to a different angle of the world. The preparation of skillful people in the society cannot wait until the new change.
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