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Mr. Charn Salertsophon Director of the Thailand Council of Industry

1. Profile
He was born on August 20th, 1953 in Bangkok. After graduated from high school, he won The Colombo Scholarship to study in Australia for 1 year. Then he went for a double degree in Architecture and Mathematics at the University of New South Wales. He then did a Mater’s Degree at Sydney University. While he was in Australia, he worked for Phillips Co., Ltd. as a computer programmer. After returning to Thailand he has worked for a various types of industrial businesses, for instance, construction, steel-made commodity production, and software, which he is very keen on. He created software for Jasmine Internet and also set up a website for the Foreign Chamber of Commerce. In the present he is entitled the Director of the Thailand Council of Industry. 

2. Philosophy and Motto in Living a Life
“Our Life is not only ours”; humankind is a social animal that has to depend on each other. We must assist each other, therefore we should not cause more problems or burden to society. His idea corresponds with Mr. Morita’s, the founder of Sony Corporation, who said that “our lives were lent from others, so we have to live for others”. To live helpfully to society, we have to be energetic and enthusiastic to keep improving ourselves to the world’s competition. The earlier the development begins, the better the outcome will be to society.
3. Life Problems and How to get through
He always thinks that problems or burden is like a stimulator. Problems will keep pushing us to improve ourselves more and more, so that we can defeat them eventually. And once we are through, we become stronger. One of the problems he faced was when he was studying in Australia. When he was there for studying, he also worked at the same time. As for being modest and economical, he had earned enough to run a Thai restaurant. Initially the restaurant was very crowded by customers. But while studying, he had to work so hard to take care of the business himself. It was too soon to have a franchised branch. Then the economic status was not flowing well enough, along with recruitment problems, he decided to sell the whole business away, despite the fact that it was a few months after the first anniversary. Another of his well-memorized problems was when he was millions indebted. He sold everything he owned in Australia and started a business in Thailand. When we had the economic crisis crashed the whole country, he lost millions. After paying all the debts, he restarted by going back to work in Australia.
4. Viewpoint toward Thai Political, Economic, and Social Issues
People nowadays pay less attention to society, which initiates into a bigger problem in the country. Personally he feels that the significance of family has to be raised, as young children tend to be materialistic. If the family is strong enough to preach their family members moral and ethical, Thai society will become a better place. In addition, Thai people seem to be lack of devotion – politically and socially. There should be devotion and sacrifice to the country, along with forgiveness and national development, so as to become a better society.  He feels that there are solutions to the social problem at the moment. It may take time, heart and head to heal. The start should be from the strong ground of family.
5. Words to the next generation
Thai children today cannot figure out which way their country is heading to. There are yet a number of children whose education is out of reach. It is therefore desirable that children seek for source of education, knowledge, morality, and ethics. “Please do not forget who you are. And try not to cause more problems to society”. “Everyone is to help each other”. If this is possible, the country will become a better place to live.
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