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Thai Law-Related Consulting
Thai Law-Related Consulting

At Lai Brothers, we provide various law-related consultations.
Due to the difference in culture and law, the trouble in both business and personal life between Thai and foreigner is a continuing problem in Thailand. At Lai Brothers, we provide professional consulting by experienced lawyers to smoothen and solve the problem. Please contact us even just for a small advice.

Drafting of the Contract and Notarisation
The drafting of inter-company or personal contract, attending the contract meeting and obtaining notarisation for the document handed to the overseas.

Drafting of the Contract between Thai Investors
Drafting of the official contract by the lawyer; drafting a valid contract under the law.

Assessment from Immigration, Police and Labour Department
To prevent unnecessary trouble due to the language barrier.

Problem with Employment
Problems between employment and employee to be solved by the lawyer in reasonable manner.

Credit Investigation
To prevent failing investment, if the company is a registered corporate, a credit investigation can be done without notifying the investigated company.

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